Tuition/Participation fee

Participation in the Viewfinder Master Course is possible either with a scholarship awarded by the Erasmus Plus programme, or as a self-paid student. 

The participation costs/tuition fees for the whole study period of four semesters are:

  • Self-funded / external funded students: 18 000 Euro
  • Participation with Erasmus+ scholarship: between 9 000 Euro (for programme country applicants) and 18 000 Euro (for partner country applicants)

The tuition fee is to be paid in three instalments:

  1. EUR 1000 within 3 weeks after the selection,
  2. EUR 8000 by 30 June of the year of selection
  3. EUR 9000 by 30 June between the first and the second years.


The participation costs/tuition fees include

  • participation in all classes offered within Viewfinder’s curriculum;
  • emergency and accident insurance according to the minimum requirements of the Erasmus+ Programme;
  • support in administrative and organizational issues by the consortium partners;
  • costs for enrolment at the consortium partner’s institutions;
  • all examinations and the issuing of the final diploma.
  • Viewfinder provides the basics in terms of equipment, editing facilities and post-production services. A small allowance in cash is given as a contribution for the production expenses of each diploma film.

The participation costs/tuition fees do not cover travel costs from country of origin, travel costs required for the mobility (to Dublin for the 1st semester, to Budapest for the 2nd semester, to Tallinn for the 3rd and Dublin or Budapest or Tallin for the 4th semester)  travel documents (passport, visas), accommodation and living expenses, or other costs (e.g. study books, stationery, photocopies, etc.).

It is estimated that students will need appr. 1000€ per month living expenses for the 24 month duration of their studies. See also estimate of living costs by City.