Selection and admission criteria

  • Selection of formally eligible applications (formal compliance of the application package with the application criteria).
  • The e-package of the eligible candidates will be scored individually according to the following criteria:
- Quality of previous higher education, including duration, number of qualifications, grade of qualifications, etc. 35 points
- Quality of the Motivation Letter 10 points
- Relevance of previous studies to the EMJMD 20 points
- Academic and artistic potential based on the application film 35 points
  • The top-ranking candidates will be invited to a Skype interview with the AC Jury where they will be ranked according to the following criteria:
  • Professional excellence
  • Visual talent
  • Level of English language skills
  • Work experience and professional qualifications
  • Performance at the interview

The maximum aggregate score for the Skype interview is 50 points (10 points/criterion) AC makes a decision based on consensus on the rank order of the candidates and the persons proposed for scholarship. 

Without prejudice to high professional/academic standards in order to ensure geographical diversity among the students the AC will respect the following overarching criterion when selecting students for an EMJMD scholarship:

  • the maximum number of students selected for scholarship from the same country must not exceed the relevant limit set by the EACEA regulations for the given year (currently 3).
  • In case of identical scores, the AC gives priority to less represented gender to ensure a gender balance.