Learning Outcomes

The knowledge and skills set offered by Viewfinder covers the following professional requirements:


  1. Pre-production:
  • Analyse the script in depth and understand and exploit its dramatic Potential
  • Design/imagine the aesthetic concept of the Cinematographer’s work in co-operation with the director
  • Formulate the means to realise this concept
  • Plan the shot set-ups in co-operation with the director
  • Plan and execute the workflow strategy
  • Select the appropriate technical tools and equipment
  • Select the appropriate crew
  • Plan/carry out relevant camera test shots in preparation for principal photography
  1. Shooting:
  • Plan the execution of the shooting schedule with the director and the other departments
  • Plan special shooting requirements for the chosen locations
  • Design, prepare and execute the lighting of each scene
  • Match/align the proposed lighting/cinematography with that of the other departments
  • Discuss and confirm the set-ups in co-operation with the director
  • Shoot the agreed set-ups
  • Oversee the organisational requirements of the Camera Department
  • Oversee the quality control tasks of the Camera Department
  • Ensure that the actors and crew understand the requirements and needs of the Cinematographer and the Camera Department, and the constraints under which they are working
  1. Post-production
  • Direct grading and colouring of sequences for finished work.
  • Work with special/visual effects VFX department
  • Check the quality of the distribution copy/copies